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November 10, 2018



There are different reasons relationships fail but most of the times, it is all about understanding or lack of it. It is not uncommon to see girls complain about men not giving them what they want. At the same time, we have men talking about not knowing exactly what girls want. This brings to mind the old saying that men are from mars while women are from Venus. How true is this? Well, we are all from earth and it doesn’t take much effort to learn to understand what each individual needs. Here, we will briefly discuss 10 things every girl wants:

Enough Attention

Every girl wants attention and you need to be ready to give enough of it. She wants you to listen to her small talks and it doesn’t matter how trivial they seem. Shower her with enough attention and she is yours to keep.

Enough Affection

Every girl dreams of being loved and cared for and you must be willing to show as much affections as she wants. Eternal roses as gifts will do the tricks.

Unfaltering Believe

Everyone wants to be believed and your girl is not an exception. You need to believe in her dreams and aspirations and show her that you do.

Unflagging Support

Every girl craves for the support of her man on every occasion. You need to prove to her that she can count on you now and always.

Acknowledgement of Special Occasions

She may act as if she doesn’t need anything on those special occasions but she really does. On Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, a thoughtful gesture like eternal roses that last a year can be magical.  

Appreciation on Ordinary Days

A girl also wants you to appreciate her every other day. On a single day, she does so much for you than you can imagine so you need to learn to appreciate her efforts.

Caring Attitude

Being a caring partner doesn’t have to be an occasional thing; it should be an attitude. Care for her genuinely at all times and she is all yours.


A girl will appreciate any gift you get her but it is always more lovely when there is an element of surprise. Think of having timeless roses in a glass dome delivered to her when you are not around.

A Good Sense of Humor

Every girl longs for a guy who is all fun to be with. You don’t need to be a comedian to make her happy: just find your sense of humor.

A Shoulder to Lean On

There are days your girl will feel down in the dumps: she needs you most at those terrible times. Make her know she always have a shoulder to lean on.

Making a girl happy is not rocket science at all. From such simple things as being attentive to her always to gestures like getting her roses in a glass dome like from the beauty and the beast movie, you can make your girl happier and lovelier.