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June 20, 2020

Can't decide what to give your family member or friend as a graduation gift? Well, worry no more. Here is a simple gift guide for the 2020 high school graduates.

#1 Le Cristal By Amour Les Fleurs:

Leave a lasting impression on graduate with long lasting roses from Amour Les Fleurs. The Le Cristal collection is the perfect gift that will last over a year, and it features a storage drawer underneath! Real roses that last for a year or more are the perfect gift for the class of 2020!


#2 Memory Album:

The most long-lasting graduation gift for a friend is an album full of heartwarming memories of high school, or of the time you spent together throughout the years. You can print them out and compile them into a mini-album, decorate it with cute stickers and emoji to make it look more fun to look at. You can even make a digital album full of videos or pictures that will remind them of the good times even after years have passed. 

#3 Netflix Subscription:

If you want your friend or family member to always remember you whenever they use your gift, then gift them a Netflix subscription. Yes, you read it right, a Netflix subscription, which will help them spend their free time with exciting movies and shows. This will also help them relax after a long day of going around college, taking lectures and studying their hearts out.

#4 Amazon Gift Card:

Can't think of anything specific to gift your friend or family member on their graduation? Well, let them choose on their own. The best way to give them what they exactly want without having to struggle when looking for it is to gift them an Amazon Gift Card. With the gift card, the receiver will be able to freely choose whatever they want from the website just according to their needs or preferences.

#5 Foundational Cook Book:

Most students tend to rely on 1$ pizzas (yes, they exist) and ready to eat mac and cheese when they go to college which usually ends with disturbing health or weakness that affects their studies. You can gift them a foundational cookbook that will help them cook basic healthy food with ease and stay healthy instead of relying on unhealthy take outs and deliveries. 

#6 Mini Polaroid Camera:

Almost every high school graduate dreams of spending their college years with loads of fun and success including the memorable moments that they will never forget, and to capture those precious moments, you can give your friend or family member a mini Polaroid Camera that they can easily carry and just whip out whenever they want to capture a special moment.

#7 Smart Home Device:

If your friend or family member plans on living in an apartment or a house when they go to college, then the best gift for them would be a Smart Home Device such as Amazon’s Alexa to help them manage their house will ease and comfort. The device will help them perform simple tasks while they doing other things, without having to search on their own or spend extra time just for the task.

These were the top 6 special gifts to give your friend or family member on their graduation. These gifts will not only be memorable but mostly practical, to help their future a tad bit easier than usual. We hope that this guide will help you decide the graduation gift easily and make your loved one feel special.