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December 31, 2018

New Year’s Eve is finally here which means it is time to make New Year’s Resolution(s)! A lot of people hold the belief that new year’s resolutions are over-rated. However, I see the new year as a new opportunity to make changes in your life that are needed in order to have a better and healthier lifestyle!

Check out these 25 new year’s resolutions and pick your favorite one(s)!

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Resolutions for improving your relations with those around you: 

  1. Spend more time with your family. It can be hard to spend some quality time with your family when you have a demanding job. This new year, make a resolution to spend more quality time with your family! Plan a family vacation or events on the weekends with your family. You can also take them out to a nice restaurant every week or every other week, whichever suits your budget.
  1. Spend two to three days a month checking up on old friends. Give old friends a call a few times a month to see how they’re doing. Stay connected with your old friends this way! Listen to their stories and plan monthly meetups to stay in the loop.

Resolutions for society’s welfare:

  1. Give back to your society in the form of donations or volunteering hours. It’s important to spend a part of your wealth in donations and to do something for the less privileged out there! Volunteer at your local orphanage or old age home once a month or send donations or warm clothes for winter!
  1. Contribute to your society’s animal protection organizations. Give a portion of your wealth to organizations working for the betterment of the poor souls that can’t even speak for themselves! Unfortunately, animals are treated very poorly by our society. Play your part in improving the plight of the animals in your society! You can also adopt a pet from a shelter house!
  1. Plant a tree every month. Global warming is at an all-time high! Perform your share in trying to eradicate global warming by planting a tree every month. Give something back to the mother earth that you’re living on!
  1. Once a month, send a meal to your neighbors as a token of appreciation! It’s important to build a nice bond with your neighbors. After all, you should know more about the people you’re living with and sharing a community with. This will enhance a safer living environment for all members of society

Resolutions aimed at self-improvement:

  1. Give up smoking. If you’re a regular smoker and you already want to quit but can’t get yourself to, this new year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and clean. You probably already know the health effects of smoking so I will not get into that, but think about passive smoking does to those around you.
  1. Read one book every month. This will greatly expand your general knowledge and it will help you learn a lot. There is no replacement for reading books when it comes to learning! Furthermore, books allow you to see the world through someone else’s perceptive and that really helps you grow.
  1. Explore a new country. Traveling brings out a side of you that you never even knew existed. You discover yourself while traveling! You also discover about different cultures and religions that you probably didn’t know even existed. Traveling is also the best therapy that can make you happy!
  1. Face your fears. Whether it’s a fear of water or a fear of heights, this year, overcome your fears by facing them! Plan a day out with someone you trust for moral support. Then, face your fears head-first in order to eliminate them! I know it’s easier said than done, but you can do it if you really want to!
  1. Incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Yoga is a huge stress-buster and incorporating it into your daily routine will bring immense health benefits to your life. It will improve your way of life and it will help you build a connection with your inner soul!
  1. Spend qualitytime with yourself. Every week, spend an hour of quality time alone. For the ladies, this could be a spa treatment or a DIY facial mask at home. For men, this could be a massage session! You could also prepare yourself a warm bath with scented candles and read your favorite book in the warm water. 
  1. Quit drinking. Drinking is not only bad for your healthbut it also negatively affects the people around you. Drinking can easily ruin a family structure. If you’re struggling with quitting, take this opportunity to start clean and fresh!
  1. Take care of your dental hygiene. Flossing and brushing your teeth barely take about 10-15 minutes of your time every day! This small routine will keep away dental carriers and keep your mouth free from bacteria and the eventual pain caused by poor dental hygiene. 
  1. Incorporate exercise into your daily/weekly routine. Working your heart and muscles regularly is a great way to prevent heart diseases in the future. It helps build collateral circulation and increases your chances of surviving through heart diseases.
  1. Learn a new skill. This could be painting, drawing, learning how to play a musical instrument or learning another language. Learn whichever skill interests you the most! You could also take cooking classes and learn how to cook yourself. This skill will help you a lot in the long run!

Resolutions that will help you build a better career for yourself: 

  1. Take out one day per week to reconnect with your colleagues so that you can build a strong network. A strong network is very important in building a strong career pathway for yourself. References play a huge factor in determining whether or not you’ll get a particular job!
  1. Make a list of the tasks you accomplish in one week, and then the tasks to be accomplished the next week. This will help you monitor your weekly progress. This way, you can check if you’re achieving your tasks for the week and make improvements.
  1. Stop procrastinating. Never leave things for tomorrow! Whatever you want to accomplish for the day, accomplish it. This one change will help you build a better career for yourself and it will help you accomplish more every day! Perform the required tasks daily. Not only will you accomplish more but you’ll also get a big sense of achievement every day! 

Resolutions aimed at improving or building a relationship: 

  1. Handle relationship conflicts with patience. Every relationship has its ups and downs, however, handling things with patience can make things a lot better and can help your relationship flourish! Arguing and fighting in the heat of the moment never resolves any conflicts. Have some patience and deal with things calmly!
  1. Go on a blind date. If you’re single but ready to settle down, put yourself out there by going on a blind date. You never know when you’ll find the love of your life! Going on a blind date will also help you discover the type of people out there and it will help you broaden your perspective about dating.
  1. Step out of your comfort zone to meet your potential significant other. The love of your life will not be served to you on a plate of gold. You actually have to get out there and out of your comfort zone to meet new people and become a better person so that your future significant other is automatically drawn to you!

Resolutions aimed at building financial security:

  1. Eat out less often. Keep a fixed number of days per week for eating out. Food from restaurants costs a lot! Therefore, in order to increase your savings, you need to start eating out less and you need to stop ordering food from restaurants too. Try cooking healthy dishes at home for yourself!
  1. Go grocery shopping at the beginning of each month with a fixed budget. When you go grocery shopping with no fixed budget and at irregular periods of the month, then your chances of buying things that you don’t really need increases. To fix this, go grocery shopping just once a month with a fixed budget. Make a list of the things you need to buy beforehand so that you don’t have to go again for another month. In case of perishable goods, leave a fixed budget for the entire month so that you can buy them regularly without going out of your budget.
  1. Open a savings account in a bank and deposit a percentage of your income in that account. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run! Set a yearly goal and deposit some money into your savings account each month to achieve that goal.

So, pick your favorite resolution or even resolutions and work hard to make them happen this year!

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