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August 13, 2018

In a matter of seconds, the theme of the party, the exquisite arrangement of flowers, the magnificent ornaments, the soothing sound of the music, the chirps of people and twinkling of the glasses give you a breather. But what is it that makes the parties so eloquent and close to the hearts of the loved ones? Is it all about the flowers and their grandeur? If so then are you nervous to plan a party because you've never planned one? You can't help but wonder how to plan a party perfectly without getting too anxious. Hold your breathe and relax, you are about to be introduced to the top 5 party planning tips, which will make your party an unforgettable experience for everyone there.

1. Make a list

The foremosttask for planning a party is to make a list of everything that's on your mind. From guest list to the décor supplies, each and every detail must be noted down and crossed out when done. Start your prep at least a week earlier, it will make you're coming up days less stressful. You may start collecting non-perishable décor items such as eternal roses, candles, crockery, and fairy lights already.

2. Early invites 

Make sure you send out the invitations at least two weeks before your party is scheduled. Consider the busy schedules of your beloved friends, give them plenty of time to make time to get to your glorious party. 

3. Feel free to ask for help

You don't have to stress yourself out alone. Sometimes you hit a wall whilst decorating, and don’t know how to turn your abstract ideas into concrete ones. You can always consult a professional party planner and express your thoughts and have him/her suggest you better ideas. Moreover, involve your partner or a friend and divide the tasks that need to be done. The more people you have on board with you, the more organized you'll feel and will be. Let the others handle the food, drinks and guest lists for you. Meanwhile, you can do the challenging task yourself, the search for stand-out decoration ideas for a party.

4. The power of eternal roses

Eternal roses are the latest sensation for the parties. Be it a formal or an informal party, one can't deny the resplendence of the flowers. A party is incomplete without the subtle touch of roses. Roses have to be there! It doesn't have to be an abundance of red roses, or a red rose carpet or a huge wall pinned with red roses. There so many picturesque eternal roses in different colors; cherry red, pink, purple, white, and even mint blue. The setup including an array of luxurious eternal roses at the tables or just an eternal rose at the main table with a few candles is sure to earn the hearts of many. You will have to get those creative eternal roses for once, and then you can reuse them!

5. Add in as much as you can

Don't forget to add the element of music, games and fun activities for your guests. This will make your party a grand success!

Parties are meant to be an exotic experience for all the attendees. Not only they are an ostentatious source of leisure as well as pleasure, but they also cast a valuable effect on the people who are a part of it. Be sure to add eternal roses as in your party plan checklist, and make your party a memorable one!