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August 13, 2018

Let's suppose that you are freaking out to propose to your significant other. The ideas you had in your mind are already a hit, and you want to settle on a one-of-a-kind idea to propose someone. It’s been centuries since the first lovers confessed their love for each other. The mindsets, promises, and the words might have changed over time, but what still remains the same is the presence of flowers, particularly roses. Ever since the Victorian era, professing a lover with flowers in hand has become a tradition. 

Proposing to someone is a big thing. You wish to get a "yes" and nothing else, you want everything to go as it was planned, and you don’t want any ambiguities getting in your way while you take your romance to a whole new level. What could you do to make this one time an extra special memory for both of you?

What is the creative way?

As of today, a creative way to keep up the tradition of flowers to propose is to cherish your love by exchanging eternal roses with one another. Eternal roses have a meaning; they are entirely devoted to imparting a genuine, meaningful, loving and promising message across.



Why an eternal rose?

Do you know the exact number of roses you'd need if you go for a bouquet? A dozen of them, but on the contrary, a single velvety long-lasting eternal rose with its rich and irresistible outlook wins over a bouquet of 12 simple roses that probably won't even last for a day. Imagine proposing your loved one with an eternal rose, an imperishable flower that would remain with them for a long time and keep reminding them of the sweetest moment you both once shared.

What else can you do?

To crown it all, you can organize a heartfelt setup for your lady and then present her with an eternal rose and a gorgeous diamond ring. Here are a few setups:

  1. Take her to the place you guys first met
  2. Ask your lady the big question whilst playing a trivia game
  3. Prepare a scavenger hunt or take her to a hike and propose at the final stop
  4. Surprise your lady at her office
  5. Write your question in snow or sand
  6. Wear a shirt printed with the question to her home
  7. Make a puzzle of your favorite photo as a couple with her and pop the question at the end

Roses are a token of love and an expression of self-less romance. You can use red eternal roses to propose your loved one, and that moment will forever be preserved just like the beautiful preserved eternal rose piece. But you don't have to stick to red only. If your partner is fond of pink roses, or purple ones, feel free to opt for them. You will find a variety of eternal roses at Amour Les Fleurs and they available in many different colors.


A proposal with an eternal rose will show your lady how much her presence in your life means to you. It becomes a symbol of eternal love for both of you. You can make your proposal embark on truly eternal love with an eternal rose. Are you ready to show affection to your lady in an exclusive manner? Don’t miss your chance of making this special moment of your life the most indelible one!