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November 13, 2018

Roses are often correlated with love and beauty. The enticing beauty of roses signifies purity, love, passion and longing which make them “flowers of romance and belonging”. Many people prefer giving roses that last a year to their loved ones as a gesture of love and a memory that never fades. However, it is to note that roses are known for their therapeutic properties and medicinal benefits. They are the host of antibacterial properties that make them ideal to treat skin related ailments.

In this article, we aim to share some of the unique properties of roses, but, a bit of basic first:

Eternal Roses

Without a doubt, it is heartbreaking to note that traditional roses do not last for long. Due to the natural environment and lack of water, they tend to dry and wither off within two or three days. Many complain that roses typically start to lose their freshness within a short period of time.

What if you get to know that roses can last for a long period of time?

Oh yes, you heard it right! Nowadays, there are eternal roses that are available online which are REAL roses that last for a year. This has been made possible through special formulation in which the roses are submerged in, leaving them fresh and soft.

Why buy Eternal Roses?

Many people wonder why eternal roses are better than traditional roses. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of opting for eternal roses over traditional ones:

Real roses

An Eternal rose is a a real rose that has been preserved to last a year. They have a beautiful, long and clean stem which enhances their appearance. The roses are cultivated in such a manner that keeps the biological structure intact for long.

Throughout the year availability

Even though it is not the season of roses, eternal roses are available all year round. For instance, Amour Les Fleurs (one of the industry leading Eternal Rose makers) carefully choose their roses from their farms in Ecuador. Whenever you need to gift a rose, Amour Les Fleurs promises to deliver industry leading service and quality!

Low maintenance

Maintaining your Eternal rose is a like a walk in the park, except its easier. Just make sure to keep the rose away from direct sunlight and air conditioning. The task of pruning the wilted petal of roses is no more required. These roses remain fresh for a year and do NOT require ANY water.


The eternal roses are available in a wide range of options including a variety of colors and design options. You can get them in a glass dome, like from the beauty and the beast or also come in the Parisian style cases that make the roses more elegant. Easy customization option is available for the customers. If you want to make your gift extra special, you may get the plaque customized with a special message of your choice.

Elegant gift

Sending flowers is a classic way of expressing your feelings towards your loved ones. It symbolizes love and appreciation in the most subtle and elegant manner. Sending these stunning eternal roses right your loved ones doorstep can also act as a surprising element. Whether it may be for a birthday, valentines, a housewarming gift, or just because the eternal roses are versatile and can be given to congratulate on any occasion.  

Health benefits

Roses are not only meant for beautifying the place, but they also come with a wide array of health benefits as well. Undoubtedly, their fragrance that fills the heart with joy, but that perfect scent is widely used in aroma therapies, perfumes, and to replenish and rejuvenate the skin, Roses are also known to be therapeutic and relaxing to one's mind. The rose petals are often used in making sweets, for curing different health ailments, and to create a romantic and mesmerizing atmosphere. Apart from décor purposes, the essential oil extracted from roses is also used to treat skin burns and abrasions. They have also been used for treating sores and coughs. Organic water from roses is used to treat acne and calm a sore throat. So, next time you wish to cheer up your loved one, why don’t you gift them a single eternal rose in a glass dome, and watch the rest of their year be filled with joy.

Easily Accessible

No need to wait for the roses season when you can easily obtain eternal roses through various online and offline suppliers, for example Amour Les Fleurs ( As mentioned earlier, these roses are available 365 days throughout the year and can be delivered to different areas without losing their charm, so, why compromise with any other flower when you can get a rose just by giving going online?


Eternal roses are preserved using non-toxic chemicals that make them a safer option to handle. The preserved roses do not wither quickly and are environmentally friendly which makes them a suitable option to opt for.

Cost Effective

The eternal roses online decorated in the bouquet are not just eco-friendly but also worth every penny you spend, as there is no maintenance required and no hassle of purchasing plant maintenance products to keep the roses lasting longer.

Decorative Uses

Eternal roses are uniform in texture and design. The real roses stay fresh for a year require minimum maintenance. They can be used for decorative purposes from a small intimate gathering to an extravagant function, like a wedding. It can also be used as an elegant centerpiece for the table, or simply a decor that will bring light to any corner of your home.

Unchanged appearance

Eternal Roses are formulated and are preserved that is why they do not lose their initial appearance. They are real roses that last 365 days a year or more. If you are a flower lover or simply want to gift something that is eternal and forever, try giving Eternal Roses and express your love and gratitude with the utmost elegance and grandeur.