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September 05, 2019


Bridesmaids - aka life savors in pretty dresses! Gathering up your girlfriends and asking them to be your bridesmaids at your wedding is both an honor and a great responsibility.

By agreeing to be your bridesmaids they are also agreeing to an unseen contract in which they’ll have to willingly do wedding chores, take up different duties at the wedding, help you get into your dress and take you to the washroom for those unexpected visits and not to mention, listen to you bawl like a baby and calm you down on the meltdowns you have witnessing tiniest problems before your wedding. 

So you see being a bridesmaid isn’t an easy job and it is definitely not the job for weak-hearted ones. But getting the chance to be a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding is also a very special and memorable moment for both the bride and the bridesmaid. And moments like these should not go unappreciated. It’s time you give back to your friends who helped you out on your wedding and did everything they could have done to make your special day unforgettable. It’s because of people like our friends who are there for us that we revive our faith in love and friendship.

Every time they’ll look at the gift, it’ll take them back to the times of laughter and tears that all of you shared prepping for the auspicious event together. But finding a gift that carries huge sentiments and values but is also easy on the wallet can be tough, because c’mon we know you already spent a grand on the wedding and no one likes to go bankrupt on purpose.

So don’t you worry because we did your work for you, well most of it anyways. You still have to buy the gifts yourself. But we dug out the best bridesmaid gift ideas out there on the internet and put them in this blog for you to read. Now remember you don’t have to follow the trends and you can always be creative with your gifts as well and add your own personal touch to keep things real friendship-y between you two.  Time to get the perfect gift for the perfect BFFs. Let’s go

Timeless Roses - REAL Roses That Last

roses that last for a year

Eternal roses or also known as forever roses are real roses that will last for one year or more & most wonderful thing about them is that they stay the same for a year without drying or withering away. Roses that last 365 days are the perfect way to thank your bridesmaid and letting them know that just like this timeless rose, your friendship is timeless too. Get yours at Amour Les Fleurs.

    Custom Writing Jewelry   


    Gifts which are thoughtful and creative are always more appreciated than random gifts. Customized handwriting bracelet, necklace or ring is a unique gift that your bridesmaid would love and wear all the time. Depending on the metal, you can choose gold, silver or platinum and get a matching set of jewelry with your handwriting for all your girlies.

      Self-Pamper Kit   

      makeup kit

      After all the days spent running errands and nights completing the leftover chores from the wedding, your bridesmaids are in dire need of some me-time. So to thank and pay them back for all their time and effort you can organize a self-pampering kit filled with skin and beauty essentials such as lotions, facemasks, facial scrubs, bath salts, body scrub, a scented candle, bath bombs, some chocolates and a bottle of tasty old wine to get all the tiredness  off. Next day, they’ll be thanking you for sure.

        Crystal Studs or Earrings

        diamond earrings  

        Bracelets and rings aren’t for everyone. Some girls like a little extra piece of jewelry. If your bridesmaids are of those then you can get gorgeous crystal earrings for them instead. You can attach a little and adorable note along with a private message thanking them for being there for you at the most important part of your life. Anytime they’ll wear it and someone compliments them, imagine how proudly they’ll tell everyone that it was you who gifted it. Now that’s best friends goals right there.

        Matching Robes

        Before the wedding, there will be many nights on which you and your girlfriends will order pizza and spend the night planning up the big day with you. On nights like those, why wear old boring clothes when you can strip down and walk around in comfortable, soft and preferably matching robes! These comfy robes will put you all into nice moods and relax your minds so that you can do more work for organizing the wedding perfectly. Not only will these matching robes be enjoyable, but you ladies will also have good instagram worthy pictures from the night to post with cute hash tags.

        Perfume Gift Sets

        If you want to take things up to the par for your bridesmaids, perfume gift sets are the perfect gifts available for you. As a best friend, it is your sole duty to know your best friend’s favorite scent and brand of perfume so that you can gift it to them and thank them at the right time. So next time there’s a sale in town quickly get your hands on the perfume gift sets you are sure she is going to love and give it to her with a little thank you note attached to it. The note will also be appreciated, maybe not more than the gift box itself.

        Memorable Photo Frames   

        Hiring a wedding photographer is always a must so that all your special breathtaking moments are captured in photographs forever. You can instruct your photographer to take candid pictures of you and your bridesmaids at the event, and you can use these pictures as a thank you gift later. Buy a pretty looking frame, write a cute caption for your BFF and finally put in the picture and this will be the ultimate best bridesmaid gift ever. Nothing compares to an actual picture frames that can be hung in the bedroom to be pondered over and cherished every day.