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December 09, 2018

The internationally awaited holiday season is finally here, and as undeniable as it is that it’s everyone’s time of the year, this season comes with a lot of dilemmas and question. What will I wear to that Christmas party? What should I gift to my friends? And most importantly, how will I decorate my house to get everyone in the perfect holiday spirit? Well, hold that thought because fortunately, we are here to answer that question with the most perfect and easy ideas for holiday décor for your house that will make your house look like a warm and welcoming Christmas wonderland. What’s more is that these decorations are so affordable that you can modify your house without breaking your bank. From snow globes to mistletoes, our list of holiday décor ideas is filled to the brim with the festive spirit and will help you figure out how to decorate your house with no hassle.

#1 Stockings:

First and foremost, there’s nothing better than a bunch of stockings hanging from your mantle to show off your Christmas spirit, especially for those who like to stay in touch with the traditions of Christmas. Craft up a bunch of DIY stockings because not only are they friendly to your bank account, they’re also incredibly easy and fun to make.

#2 Plants:

Small, green and crisp plants are not only one of the main symbols of Christmas but also extremely good for the environment of your house. Placing a bunch of potted ivy, mistletoe and holly plants in a cluster will create the image of a tiny forest which is the perfect decoration when accompanied by wild berries and fairy lights.

#3 Fairy Lights:

Although they’re great at adding a festive touch to otherwise casual decorations, fairy lights look breathtakingly beautiful on their own too. There are endless ways you can sparkle up your home with a string of fairy lights. You could either hang them on your curtains or wrap them around your porch railing to light up your house on a dark December night.

#4 Mistletoes:

When we think of Christmas, one of the first things that come to our minds is a beautiful, evergreen mistletoe.   However, nowadays everyone is hanging mistletoes the traditional way. If you’re someone who chooses the unique path when it comes to holiday décor, place your mistletoe with a bunch of sparkling ornaments on a silver or gold tray to add glam to the ancient tradition.

#5 Snow Globes:

Even though Christmas is best celebrated in a warm and cozy looking home, there’s nothing like a winter wonderland trapped in a snow globe to get right into the holiday spirit. For a modern and different twist on this decoration, replace the snow globe with a mason jar filled with fake snow and little toy trees.

#6 Christmas Themed Candies:

For the ones with a sweet tooth, holiday season is all about candy canes, peppermint barks, and mint chocolates. A large jar filled to the brim with Christmas themed candies will be perfectly enough to attract your young guests (or older, we don’t judge) to stay and visit more often. Place this decoration on your center table for a pop of color and a sweet scent in your living room.

#7 Ribbons:

There’s no simpler way to add little touches of holiday spirit to your house than red velvet ribbons. Wrap them around your wine bottles, glasses, stair railings, Christmas tree, jars, plant pots or anything for Christmas accents to fill your house. Christmas themed ribbons are also great for wrapping holiday presents in a minimalistic yet artful way.

#8 Eternal Rose:

Roses that last up to a year

This Beauty and the Beast inspired rose by Amour Les Fleurs are undeniably perfect for holiday décor when placed under your Christmas tree or on your mantle. As we know that roses are a risky idea for decoration due to their short durability, these timeless roses last more than a year and are available for you at an agreeable price on

#9 Herb Bouquets:

A unique and useful way to decorate your house for the holiday is wrapping twigs of thyme, rosemary, and marjoram with a red ribbon in a bundle and hanging it alongside your stockings. Not only do these smell absolutely amazing, you can also use them for cooking as soon as they dry up.

#10 Paper Lanterns:

Other than fairy lights, paper lanterns are the best way to light up your porch on a Christmas night. To make a DIY, Christmas themed paper lantern is not only extremely easy but also super fun. All you need are small bulbs, paper, a YouTube tutorial, and a creative mind.

#11 Mini Wreaths:

Wreaths are the main symbol of Christmas, but why use them in a mainstream way when you can choose a much more unique style? Step away from the traditionally large wreaths and decorate your tree, mantle, stairs, and porch with mini wreaths for a more minimalistic approach.

#12 Green and Red Accents:

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to go out when it comes to holiday décor, it’s best to incorporate minimalistic red and green accents throughout your house to add little pops of Christmas colors everywhere. Our top recommendations would be a red striped kitchen towel, Christmas themed cushions for your sofa, or just a red and green bed sheet to accompany your white bed.

#13 Wrapped Books:

Restyle your bookshelf completely by wrapping all your books in a Christmas themed wrapping paper, or for a minimalistic approach, use red, green and white solids. This will not only give the required holiday touch to your house but also remind you and your guests to never judge a book by its cover.

#14 Snowflake Doodles:      


The simplest possible way to incorporate Christmas into your home is drawing little doodles of snowflakes on your mirrors and glass containers using white glass paint. You can also doodle other Christmas related things such as candy canes, Santa hats, and mistletoes using red and green glass paint. This is an extremely minimalistic attitude towards Christmas décor and will cost you close to nothing.

#15 Candy Canes:

Hanging them on your Christmas tree isn’t the only way to use candy canes to decorate your house for holiday season. Attaching them to your wreath, hanging them alongside your fairy lights, or placing a bucket full of them on your porch for guests to grab on their way in are all ways you can uniquely use candy canes as décor pieces. You can also stuff them in chocolate covered marshmallows as a little treat for the kids.

#16 Sugar Cookies:

While we’re on the topic of food, we all know sugar cookies are one of the best treats of holiday season. Bring out your inner baker and whip up some delicious sugar cookies, decorate them with Christmas themed doodles and place a platter full of them on your coffee table. These will not only serve as a decoration but a sweet treat to get you through the busy days of Christmas.

#17 Gingerbread House:

It’s undeniable that gingerbread houses are the best part of Christmas. Plus, they look just as great as they taste, which makes them the perfect decoration for a welcoming and Christmas celebrating home.

#18 Scented Candles:

The best thing about scented candles is that they don’t only warm up the house to the perfect temperature; they give your home the perfect aroma required on a cold Christmas day. Scented candles such as Balsam and Cedar, Candy Cane Lane, and Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candles are perfect for setting the mood for a Christmas dinner.

#19 Glitter:

When in doubt, add glitter to everything because you can never go wrong with glitter, especially on Christmas. Add glitter to your stockings, roll your candy around in edible glitter or cover the top of your tree in white glitter to portray the late December frost that we’ve all grown to adore. Besides, glitter has always been a symbol of happiness, celebration, and festivity.

#20 Ornaments:

Last but not least, ornaments. These traditional decorations are timeless and glamorous and will spark up even the dullest of trees.  There are countless ways to decorate your home for Christmas with beautiful, glittery ornaments. Whether it’s attached to your wreath, hanging from your windows or slipped into the string of fairy lights, there’s nowhere an ornament wouldn’t look like the best pop of glitter that every house needs. Our favorite way to incorporate ornaments into your Christmas décor is by placing a bunch of them in a silver tray accompanied by twigs of mistletoe or holly.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, we’re sure everyone is panicking about how to make their house look perfect for the holiday season and which decorations to use, which is why we compiled this list of our top favorite holiday décor ideas to help you transform your house into a winter wonderland. Now that you have this guide as your perfect sidekick, your house will definitely be looking the best decorated in the neighborhood.