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August 07, 2019


Roses are often the most popular kind of flower you will see around you in different forms. People not only love the flower they also love the aromatic scent of roses too.

Normally a red rose is considered to be the ultimate beacon of love and has been praised as a symbol of love as long as we can remember. But did you know a red rose has become a bit over-rated in the last few years and roses come in more than just the color red? There are different colors in which you can see a rose and there is a particular meaning behind every color.

There are other colors of roses too which can serve as an alternative to red roses. You can only know which rose color you need to go for if you know what the color means. See how that goes together? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Today we will enlighten you with the many wonderful colored roses that nature has blessed us with and the special meaning that color holds in the world of flowers.

  1. White Roses

    The Timeless Acrylic by Amour Les Fleurs®
    White is the color of purity, chastity and peace. One can look at a bouquet of white flowers and feel the peace and elegance which are showcased by these beautiful flowers. You will often see white roses in a wedding or the bouquet of the bride. The reason behind it being that white roses have always symbolized honor and purity in the sense of uniting two souls together in a beautiful bond of wedding. White roses are also associated with hope and new beginnings, which makes them the perfect choice of flower to give someone close to your heart who’s starting a new chapter in their lives or closing up an old one.
  2. Pink Roses

    The Mini Timeless Rose by Amour Les Fleurs®
    If the color red, red roses and white roses are not your cups of tea, then pink roses will be. They fall perfectly between red and white roses while having their significant value. Pink roses generally resemble friendship in the form of appreciation and gratitude. You can give a pink rose to a friend you admire or to thank your co-worker for helping you out. Pink roses will keep things light and happy for both of you.
  3. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses That Lasts A Year By Amour Les Fleurs®

Yellow is a vibrant color and loved by the fun loving people. If you know someone who likes the color yellow, you will also know that person to be someone who enjoys life in every moment. As the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh once said, “How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.”
Yellow roses have a charm of their own which makes them distinct and stand apart from the lines of roses. They express joy and happiness, with hope, energy, positivity and friendship. So if you have a friend who’s feeling down and you want to brighten up their day, go hand them a yellow rose bouquet.

  1. Blue Roses

Real Roses That last a Year - Sky Blue

Blue roses might not be natural but that doesn’t mean that we can’t love them? Blue roses have a stunning charm that you will not find in any other blue flowers. They are unique and represent the mystery of some sort, but that is for someone who wants to dig deeper into the meaning. For someone who just admires the wonderful blue roses, they can mean wisdom, trust and loyalty. You can give away blue roses to someone special and let them know that you’ve got them on your mind.

  1. Orange Roses

Orange is the color related to fun, energy, fascination and enthusiasm. Some also connect orange roses with the passion and fierceness of wanting or desiring something. Orange itself is a very strong, energetic and high spirited color. People who have a jubilant personality will also like the color orange and will often include orange color in their lives as much as they can. So next time you see a friend with a strong desire to achieve their goals in life, surprise them with orange roses.

  1. Lavender Roses

Lavender or purple rose is the only flower you should go for if you’re looking for a flower that says “I love you, and thank you for being a part of my life.” You can give lavender roses to anyone special to you, be it your mother, father, you annoying but caring sister or your friend who’s always been there with you through the tough times. Gifting them a bouquet of lavender roses will really show them how much their presence matters to you and you care for them.
If you have a special someone, giving them lavender rose would mean that they’ve got you enchanted and mystified since the first sight and you love to remind this fact every day.

  1. Green Roses

Green is the color of life, regrowth, rebirth and new beginnings. Many times in life a person is put into a situation where they start over or start a new wanting or un-wantingbeginnings. At moments like these, a box of green roses or a bouquet of green roses would mean a lot to that person. Green roses also remind stability and abundance of life which are always followed by a hard time. Green roses are always appreciated when gifted with good wishes and thoughts. So why don’t you try giving a green rose to even a stranger and let them know, that it’s going to be okay.

  1. Red Roses

    Amour Les Fleurs® Timeless Rose Collection

And at last but surely not the least we have the most special and celebrated of the roses, the red ones! The red roses signify the very emotions of human nature such as love, passion and romance. Red roses are perfect and the ideal color of roses for someone who owns your heart. Respect, love, appreciation and commitment towards one another can all be showcased even by leaving a single rose for them. That’s how powerful red roses can be.


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