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December 14, 2018


We all know what the holiday season has in store, quite a number of festive gatherings with your family and your friends, bonding with each other and eating to your hearts contents. Of course, those gatherings mean its time to get cooking and baking. The holidays just cannot be complete without some (or a lot of) baking, right? Getting together with your family and friends will just not seem right without those special occasions’ cakes, breads, pastries, and cookies. Besides, who would wanna pass up on a chance of creating masterpieces with raw ingredients? So here are a few of the best holiday baking ideas and recipes so you can make your holidays all the more delicious.

#1 Gingerbread House:

A gingerbread house is basically a big neon sign for ‘holiday celebrations and baking’. Decorated with icing and candies to give a wintery, snowy effect, it will be a great hit at your Christmas party.


#2 Red Velvet Cake/Cupcakes:

No matter what the occasion, a soft, rich red velvet cake will win the hearts of all those who take even just one bite of it, due to its silky luxury and the mouthwatering cream cheese frosting.

#3 Cheesecake:

Okay, who can say no to a slice of cheesecake? Upgrade your Christmas dinner with the globally loved dessert; a smooth and creamy cheesecake that will just melt right on your tongue.

#4 Fruit Tarts:

Got a big batch of desserts to make for a big holiday party? You might wanna go for fruit tarts, since they’re easy to make, packed with flavor, beautiful, and don’t require any complicated ingredients.

#5 Sugar Cookies:

It’s almost as if a holiday celebration just can’t be complete without a batch of the classic sugar cookies. Decorate the cookies with the bright colors of Christmas and they’ll be just what you need to complete the party.

#6 Pecan Pie:

Pecan pies are the compliments that come along with the holiday seasons. The delicious, sugary, nutty pies just fit right in the vibes of the winter season, the holidays, and the festivity all combined together in a joyful atmosphere.


#7 Mixed Berry Pie:

You just can’t go wrong with pies when it comes to choosing the right dessert for a holiday gathering. The mix of berries will give you the burst of flavor and the sweetness that you aim for.

#8 Crème Brulee:

This will be a great idea for when you’re deciding on a dessert for two. They’re easy to make and give you all that fanciness without even having to put in a ton of effort.

#9 Chicken Braided Bread:

This might take quite a bit of effort and dedication, but when the heart-achingly beautiful, soft, golden bread stuffed with chicken batter comes out of the oven smelling like heaven, you’ll know it’s all worth it.


#10 The Classic Chocolate Cake:

There is not an occasion for which the classic chocolate cake won’t work as a delectable dessert. It's like the most sophisticated and easy baked good that might just take you to paradise.


#11 Chocolate Croissants:

If you intend to make something worth eyeing and have quite some time on your hands, then croissants are the answer that you have been looking for. A warm croissant filled with molten chocolate will have all your guests in a trance (no creepiness intended).

#12 Savory Croissants:

Croissants don’t only have to be sweet. For a nice, savory change, roll the pastry dough over some chicken, mince, or mixed vegetables. One bite of these beauties will have everyone instantly reaching for more.

#13 Stuffed Cookies:

Not only are these a heavenly dessert, but a fun activity to indulge yourself in for when you invite your best friend over to celebrate the holidays. The gooey, center filled cookies are something you definitely need to try these holidays.

#14 Chicken Stuffed Buns:

A basket full of these goodies will be gone in no time, trust us. They are just that good! Make a chicken batter of your choice, pack it in the dough, and pop ‘em in the oven for a yummy snack.

#15 Homemade Pizza:

Pizza is already almost everyone’s favorite, but there’s something different, something better about a homemade pizza. There you have another activity you can do with your family in the coming holidays.

#16 Mince Pie:

You can serve these a whole main course. The best thing about mince pies is the many variations of sauce that you can cook the mince into, meaning so many flavors!

#17 Chicken Pot Pie:

Just the thought of it is mouthwatering. The saucy, savory mix of chicken and vegetables combined with the pie crust works to satisfy your stomach and your heart.

#18 Zebra Cakes:

At a light holiday supper gathering, these gorgeous zebra patterned cakes will be the perfect partner to go with tea. They require low amount of effort but give high quality of taste and presentation.

#19 Cake Pops:

Cake pops are the go-to dessert for every occasion. You need close to no effort at all to make them, and you can decorate them however you want. So go all Christmas-y with the designing and they’ll be perfect for the holidays.

#20 Pull-Apart Bread:

You can stuff this creative idea with any filling of your preference, whether it's sweet or savory, and it’ll still be a popular food item among all your guests this Christmas dinner.


Baking is something so many people all over the world find absolute joy in. Why won’t they, it's just taking raw ingredients and beating, mixing, and kneading into absolutely beautiful and such delicious pieces of art. That is the reason why baking is a major part of the holiday season; it adds to the already present joy and cheer of the season with beautifully twisted breads, creative cookies, and cakes that will take over your heart in a beat. So here are some of the best holiday baking ideas and recipes that you can count on to add a burst of taste to all the holiday dinners and suppers with your friends and family.