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December 13, 2018

Gift Box With Lights Background

Christmas is just around the corner and let's just be honest here, we all get excited about the exchange of gifts from your friends and family on a cozy Christmas night. It can be a bit confusing to decide gifts for different people in your life each year. But do not worry, we are here to help you choose gifts for your loved ones, so you do not have to roam around the whole market searching for suitable gifts. Here is the list of top 15 gifts for everyone in your life. From technology to skincare to makeup to clothing and décor, we have got everything covered in the list. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this!

#1 Customized Bracelet:

Customized Bracelet

What is a better gift for your best friend than a customized piece of jewelry? 2018 has been all about unique jewelry items that you can flaunt on a daily basis. A customized bracelet is a thoughtful gift that your friend can sport every single day. Whether is beads of your bracelet spell your name, or it contains the customized charms containing a picture of you both, it will be the perfect Christmas that will keep you and your friend close forever.

#2 Eternal Roses:

Amour Les Fleurs Eternal Roses

Flowers are amazing gifts to give to your loved ones, especially fresh roses. However, they perish quite quickly like all other plants. To solve this problem, gift your loved ones the eternal roses this year. These timeless roses last for more than a year and stay as fresh as new. These premium quality roses are preserved through a specific process which makes them immortal. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on eternal roses by Amour Les Fleurs and express your undying love to your closed ones.

#3 Sephora Faves Kit:

Makeup pallete

For all the makeup lovers in your life, the faves kit by Sephora is the best option to give. These sets are packed full of products from luxury brands, some travel size, and some full size to try to out at an amazing price rate. Whether you have to gift it to your makeup loving sister, mom, or even co-worker, Sephora faves kit will always put a big smile on their face. Just look for the kit that you think is the best for that person, and make their Christmas special.

#4 Luxury Handbag:

White Chanel Boy Bag

Luxury handbags are investments pieces and they also make an amazing gift. This year gift your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother a luxury handbag to make their Christmas even more special. Chanel, Gucci, Prada, or YSL is the best option to go for as they have premium quality material and up to date styles. We are sure you will get something for the special one in your life. This bag will last them forever and every time they will sport this bag, they will send blessings your way.

#5 DIY Manicure Kit:

DIY Manicure Kit

You can also create a manicure kit at home for the nail art addict in your life. For this easy DIY gift, you will need a big mason jar, two to three nail polishes, a filer, a nail cutter, a nail buffing tool, and a few nail decals. Add a handful of confetti into the jar and place all the manicure essentials into the mason jar. Close the lid and decorate it with a swirly ribbon. There you have it, a manicure kit made with love.

#6 Perfume Set:

Valentino Perfume

A perfume set is an amazing gift because who does not like smelling good? A perfume set with warm festive fragrance notes will make their Christmas even better and memorable. No, you do not have to spend a fortune over a perfume set. Get a good drugstore deal with a perfume, body lotion, and body wash of the matching scents. Perfume sets are good for literally everyone on your list, whether it is a man or a woman.

#7 Coffee Maker:

Espresso Machine

Winter and a hot cup of coffee go hand in hand. A coffee maker is a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. A warm cup of coffee made with the high tech coffee maker by you will always remind them of your sweet gesture. Trust us, they will thank you for this forever. All they will have to do is insert a coffee pod, and wait for their hot cup of coffee to be ready while they enjoy their morning.

#8 A Cozy Sweater:

Cozy coffee table

When every other Christmas gift ideas fail, a warm and cozy sweater comes to the rescue. Everyone could use a nice and comfy sweater in the chilly season.  A soft sweater with a chunky knit is all the rage these days. You can also knit the sweater yourself or buy a ready made sweater from the market for your family. Stick to a festive color palette to make sure your gifted sweater give off a fun, Christmas vibe.

#9 Scented Candles:

JOY Candles

Gift your friends’ festive scented candles this year to make their home smell fresh and festive throughout the season. A scented candle is an amazing gift idea for the people we don’t really know much about. No matter what their interests are, they wouldn’t mind a nice and comfortable smelling home. Brands like The Bath and Body Works, Yankee, and Jo’ Malone has amazing festive scents that you can gift to anyone in your list and impress them. This kind of gift is also amazing if you are looking for gifts in a budget.

#10 Smart Watch:

Apple Smart watch

For the Tech Savvy person in your family, what could be better than a sleek, smartwatch? It allows the person to stay connected without the hassle of carrying their smartphones everywhere. From step counter to dialer to recorder to Wi-Fi, etc, you can have everything on your wrist. It is both futuristic and handy for the tech-savvy person you are gifting it to. A smartwatch is one of the best gifts you can give to a person with a keen interest in the latest technology.

#11 Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon gift card

Every single Christmas we get hundreds of socks, gloves, and body lotions, just because people do not know what to gift you. Let’s just not be like that anymore. If you cannot think of a gift for a specific person, just gift them an Amazon gift card. Trust us, they will be so thankful to you for that. With that Amazon gift card, they can buy whatever they actually want instead of piling up on more lotions and socks. The best part about this gift is that you get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

#12 Aromatherapy Oils:

aromatherapy oils

The aromatherapy has gained quite a lot of popularity in the past few years. But luckily, now you do not have to visit fancy salons for an aromatherapy session. You can have a relaxing session of aromatherapy at the comfort of your own home with help of a few essential oils. These oils are also an amazing gift to give the person who likes natural healing. Their aromatherapy experience will become even better with the help of these premium quality oils, we bet!

#13 Personalized iPhone Case:

Personalized Iphone case

Everyone loves unique iPhone cases and when they are customized for someone, it takes the uniqueness of the product to a whole new level. This year gift your best friends a customized iPhone cover with their name or initial printed or engraved on it. It will be one of their most used gifts they will get on Christmas. They will earn a ton of compliments owing to their stylish phone case that you will gift this Christmas.

#14 Décor Frame:

Christmas picture frame

It is always a nice idea to hang some motivational quotes around the house. If you know someone who loves decorating their house with mindful decor items then gift them a beautifully framed inspirational quote to hang on their wall. They will love that you noticed their interest and gifted them the frame in accordance with what they love. You can further impress them by using the quote that they swear by and getting it framed for their room.

#15 Squishy Slime:

Squishy slime

Slime has taken over the internet by a storm. If you know a little munchkin who is up to date with the latest toy trends, then a pack of vibrant colored slime is the best gift option for them. There are so many slime variants available in the market that it will be hard to choose one. You can also add a DIY slime kit alone with the ready made slime to let their creativity flow.

Whether you buy these gifts online or get them from a gift shop near your house, this list of Christmas gift ideas will make your Christmas preparations a whole lot easier. It will save a lot of time and effort, making your Christmas completely hassles free. We hope these gift ideas help you make your Christmas celebrations better than ever.