Wedding Decor Ideas For 2019 By Amour Les Fleurs®



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August 08, 2019


Wedding on the beach
The wedding bells are ringing but the wedding hall looks nothing like you’ve planned! Now isn’t that a nightmare of every girl who’s about to become a bride in the coming days. Planning your wedding is one of the most difficult parts for both the bride and the groom, after the proposal of course. Then comes the wedding dress, the food, the guest list, wedding vows and on goes the list.
But with right decisions made at the right time, you can pull off your dream wedding without extra hard work. There are so many magnificent wedding décor ideas that you can choose from depending on your likes and dislikes, your combined wedding budget and the type of wedding you have in mind.

You can always put roses that last 365 days From Amour Les Fleurs® on top of your list of wedding décor since their eternal roses will last even after the event is over. Keeping those timeless roses displayed in your home will bring you a wonderful feeling, taking you back to the day of the wedding and filling you with joy everytime. 

Now coming back to the wedding décor ideas, everyone wants to do something different and fresh at their wedding. They want the event to be special, unforgettable and grand for everyone who’s attending.
So we decided to swoop in and save you a lot of time and effort (for which you can thank us later) and made a collection of the most amazing wedding décor ideas out there. All you have to do is sit back, read and decide which décor will be the finest at your wedding.
Shall we begin then?

1. Let the Lights Guide You

Good lighting at the wedding is everything. The perfect lighting will set up the mood and make the whole place look like something from a romantic movie scene. You can instruct your wedding planner about the kind of lights you will want. The tiny fairy lights and hanging lanterns are always a good option on the table. Floating candles and candles on the dinner table will also add an aesthetic charm to the wedding.

Whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor wedding, you can also light up the aisle when the bride walks down to the groom. Won’t that be a lovely view?

2. Fabric Droppings Décor

Wedding Fabric Backdrop Decor
Using fabric as a wedding décor and draping it around the furniture and ceiling will be a beautiful addition to the venue. Soft colored fabric like beige or off-white, or if there’s a particular theme you have in mind then hanging drapes of that color is also a good idea. An elegant look is guaranteed if you decide to have these drapes with floral décor at your wedding.

3. Eternal Roses For Eternal Love

Roses that last a year
Do you know what says magical? Eternal Roses. Yes, that’s right now you can get these, one of a kind eternal roses online for your very special one on that very special day and have your fairytale moment from The Beauty and Beast come to life. Amour Les Fleurs® - the leader of preserved roses has created the most exemplary gift you can give to your significant other with their roses that last for a year or more. Roses that last for 365 days can also make the perfect wedding décor. You can order the most beautiful long lasting-roses from Amour Les Fleurs® by clicking here.

4. Show That Love with Unique Wedding Messages

If you want to do something different at your wedding here’s an idea, put up unique and beautiful wedding messages on display. There are a variety of ways you can design or customize your messages and set it up in the venue for all the guests to see. The most popular is the ‘neon signs’ for the wedding that all the hot couples are doing for their special day. You can even decorate it with different flowers and lights and set up a photograph station there as well and click your memorable moment right there.

5. Feeling Floral at the Wedding

Wedding table decor

Flowers are pretty and irresistible, that’s a known fact. But did you know there are so many ways you can use flowers as wedding décors? You can fill in the venue with real flowers and breathe in the fresh scent of roses and lilies all day long. Or you can arrange them into wonderful frames and bouquets and create a pretty looking stage for wedding photographs later. Even the furniture and ceiling can be decorated with flowers.
Using fake flowers as wedding décors will also be easy on your budget, so if you want you can easily order lots of artificial flowers and organize them your way

6. Table Numbers and Names for the Guests

Tiny details matter when it comes to perfection. While some like to place huge centerpieces at the tables other like to go with small but attractive table numbers for the seating arrangement at the wedding. You also have the option to place name holders on the tables instead of numbers, but let’s be honest numbering the tables is much convenient. If you still want to take it to another level, you can go for names. Whichever way you choose there are tons of ideas to get creative. Like getting acrylic glass name/numbers for the table. Or even crafted wooden table numbers would look quite good if it’s an outdoor wedding you’ve planned.


7. Balloons

Who said only kids are supposed to have fun with balloons? There is no age limit when it comes to balloons which means as adults we can, without any shame have balloons at our weddings. Balloons and parties go hand in hand, whether it’s a birthday party or fancy dress party, no party is complete without a bunch of colorful big balloons. So congratulations if you’re a balloon lover yourself because now you can have an amazing balloon setup at your whimsical wedding too!