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August 13, 2018

Amour Les Fleurs real roses that last 1 year

Giving roses has always been considered as the symbol of undying love and affection. But the sad part about flowers is that they can wilt and die. Thanks to Amour Les Fleurs® - you are able to now get REAL roses that will not wilt for a year or more. You can get a beauty and the beast inspired beautiful fresh rose covered in a glass dome that is both enchanting and romantic. You can now gift your partner an eternal rose to conserve the beauty of a rose and your love forever.

Real roses that last over a year

What are eternal roses, you ask? Eternal roses, also known as forever roses are 100% natural roses that are preserved in a glass dome to live for a year. Yes, you no longer have to find wilted roses from your books or diaries as these roses will be as fresh as a new flower 24/7. These roses are grown in a conventional way just like regular roses, except they are handcrafted and manicured to last a year. Once the roses are fully grown they are ready to be plucked. The stem of the roses is coated with a preservative that is glycerin based. This process helps replace the natural sap of the flower with that preservative that makes the rose live forever. Even though the natural sap of the rose is completely replaced, the texture, shape, and color or the flower stays intact.

To further beautify the rose flower, all the damaged petals are removed and the flower is trimmed to perfection. This entire process gives the rose an eternal beautiful, fresh, and vibrant look that you can display in your house. Most of the times, these flowers are also coated with precious metals like, silver, gold, platinum to make it look even more captivating. These eternal roses do not only make a perfect gift for your romantic partner but also for your family members like your parents and siblings to show them, endless love.

Eternal Rose

Real roses that last for a year or more have received a massive amount of love from major celebrities like the Kardashians and the Hadid sisters. You can buy beautiful eternal roses in a myriad of natural colors for your loved ones from the leading seller of Forever rose, which is Amour Les Fleurs®. This website offers seven beautiful colors of eternal roses kept safe in a high-quality glass dome. These handcrafted and hand manicured eternal roses posses no rival in the market because of their fresh and gorgeous appearance.
They also sell these roses in The Three Piece which is absolutely jaw dropping.

So, gift your partner or your family a gorgeous rose that does not require constant watering, trimming, or direct sunlight. This ageless flower will be the symbol of your undying love for them that will be with them throughout their life. This beauty and beast inspired eternal rose will ensure that the spell of love never breaks. Bring a genuine smile on the face of your partner with this beautiful rose and make your bond more magical. Shop Amour Les Fleurs® REAL roses that last for 365 days or more now by clicking here.