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How do I place an order?

Placing your order is simple! Click on our shop tab and choose the style of roses you would like as well as the color you would like it in. Lastly, write a greeting card message if you would like one and press add to cart.

All orders come with a personalized greeting card message sealed with a unique wax stamp & and a product care card.

What are Eternal Roses?

Our entire line of eternal roses are real roses that have been delicately cultivated to last a year from our very own flower farm in Ecuador. Exuding extreme luxury, our eternal roses make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Do Eternal Roses Really Last a Year?

Yes! With the proper care, these luxurious roses maintain their jaw dropping appearance for up to a year.

How Do Eternal Roses Last a Year?

Hand crafted and manicured, our roses are carefully chosen from our fields in Ecuador and immersed into a solution that helps preserve the roses, leaving them fresh and soft. On top of the solution, our palette of pigments help diversify and cultivate the most extravagant rose obtainable today.

How Do I Care For My Timeless Rose?

Caring for your timeless roses is a piece of cake! By keeping them out of direct sunlight and in a room temperature environment, the roses will keep their elegance and grandeur for a year. For more information on care instructions, please visit our product care page.

How Long Does It Take To Ship The Roses?

All orders received before 1 PM (PST) will be shipped out the same day.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to anywhere in the World! Please keep in mind, for all orders that are not within the USA we are not held reliable for any customs charges.

What Carriers Are The Timeless Roses Shipped With?

All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS.

What is your return policy?

All sales concluded at Amour Les Fleurs® are  final. We do not accept returns due to the fragile nature of the roses. You can read more about our return policy by clicking here.


Amour Les Fleurs® is proud to offer Real Roses that last for one year or more to people throughout the United States & the entire world. Discover our extensive collection of Timeless Roses to find an arrangement that will make a loving gesture or add a touch of luxury & style to your home. Click here to read more about just how our roses last for 365 days or more!
We hope that this page answers any questions that you had about Amour Les Fleurs® and our eternal roses. If you still have questions, please send us an email at In the meantime, explore our eternal roses and start shopping!